Here at The Red Leaf Company, we understand that an exterior painting job can become quite the project. As with most of our services, we understand that prep work and attention to detail will often determine the overall quality and longevity of your home. As you will see, the steps leading up to painting are most important. This includes sealing your home, weather-tight. If not sealed properly, damage can occur to everything from exterior siding and trim to sheathing and framing. Please take a look at some of the stages we perform below and feel free to contact us for a FREE Estimate regarding your project anytime.


Powerwashing & Paint Removal The first step to ensuring a successful exterior paint job is powerwashing the entire building. If done correctly, this will remove most surface debris and peeling paint. What you don’t want is to paint over a weathered and dirty house. This will surely cause the new paint to peel within a few years, probably sooner. If your property has shutters, we will first powerwash the shutters while up and then remove the shutters and clean behind them. As a side note, when the time comes, we will paint behind the shutters for a uniform look. Wood can expand and contract over the years as water, weathering and soil erosion occur. This can cause shifts of the positioning of items attached to a property. If not painted, you will be seeing the old paint soon enough.

Lead Paint – It is important to note that if your property was built before 1978, there is probably lead paint on your property, regardless of whether you had your home painted since. Lead can seep into wood, leaving residue that, when irritated again, will be exposed. Make sure the painter is lead-safe certified and he or she follows the proper steps to remove the lead. There can be major litigation issues, if not. It is very time-consuming and expensive to test every section of your building so it is best to assume there is lead. We have worked on many properties with lead and always follow the proper steps. We are lead-safe certified.

Trim & Siding Replacement – While we are up close and personal, powerwashing your property, we will do a full inspection of the condition of all exterior siding, trim, sashes, sills and cornice such as the soffit and fascia. We will also take note of any holes, gaps, and cracks that need to be sealed. We are very experienced replacing the many types and sorts of siding and trim.

Wood Filler & Caulking – Weatherproofing your property should be a top priority. As soil shifts, weathering occurs and pests damage the exterior, you always need to keep in mind the potential for exposure. Once there is a hole or gap of any size, water can freely enter behind the siding or trim and cause serious damage to the sheathing, which provides structural support to the building. In addition, lateral forces, such as wind can sneak in there and apply constant pressure over time. The least of your worries will be an increased heat bill. Replacing the wood siding and/or trim or at least filling holes with wood filler and caulking gaps, from separation, around trim, that occur when wood expands and contracts with the changing seasons, is the weatherproofing that importance should be placed upon. We always take these steps when painting the exterior of a building.

Prime & Paint – In the case of peeling paint, you will have bare spots after powerwashing and scraping. It is important to spot-prime these areas to add an additional layer before covering with a full coat. Usually a 2nd full coat is needed to achieve the full longevity that is possible. Most new paints, today, have a primer in them. Make sure you verify this when painting on bare wood, as the adherence won’t be sufficient otherwise.

Project Clean-Up – As always, we maintain a neat and clean work environment everyday. At the end of the job we pay special attention on making sure there are no paint drops, chips or trash where it isn’t suppose to be.


If you feel that we are the right fit for your exterior painting project, contact us today for a free estimate. We can typically provide most customers with a firm estimate on work needed within 30 minutes. And remember, all of our work comes with a 5-Year guarantee so you can rest assured that your newly painted home will last for years to come.

It was a pleasure to hire this company, there response was prompt and price extremely fair. The crew was courteous and professional. Work completed to spec. Well done and thank you to Matt and crew.

Mike H., Exterior Painting

Matt L and his team were amazing – skilled, professional, courteous – very focused on providing excellent work and customer service. They prepped and painted the exterior body, trim, and deck of our house and did some carpentry work to replace water-damaged wood and deck flooring, all in only 4 days. They also had to drive some distance to reach us – other contractors would not even consider coming to our part of Worcester County. We recommend their services without reservation.

Christine L., Exterior Painting

Excellent service I was impressed with their attention to detail and their attention to cleanup . The job was a big one and they did a wonderful job. I would definitely hire them again.

Roxanne K., Exterior Painting

They did a wonderful job. The job was finished at the time tat was specified. Great job Jordon and your crew.

Hepsie L., Exterior Painting

Very responsive. Jordan Frazier contacted me right away, came to the home and provided a quote within days. Completed project quickly and to my specifications and did a fantastic job! Based on this positive experience, I am now having some landscaping done by Jordan.

Lori R., Exterior Painting