At The Red Leaf Company, we understand that installing flooring properly takes both a commitment to detail and the ability to adjust when necessary. We offer a full line-up of flooring installation options including hardwood, ceramic tile, laminate planking, & luxury vinyl flooring. Take a look at the different styles of flooring below and feel free to contact us for a FREE Estimate regarding your project anytime.


When it comes to wood-based floors, we recommend leaving the wood, where it is being installed, for a week before installation. This way the moisture level in the wood can stabilize and adapt to the humidity of its new home. This will prevent any immediate expansion or contraction after installation, which is the cause of most gaps, buckling and lack of levelness with hardwood floors. In addition, when we install hardwood floors, we will leave a gap, at baseboard molding, unnoticeable, for the floor to expand and contract with the changing seasons. When it is hot and humid, expansion is likely. When it is cold and dry, contraction is the name.

Baseboard Molding
In order to install a level and even floor, it is imperative to have access to the entire floor. This includes the floor beneath baseboard molding. We start by carefully cutting out the existing caulk line, on your baseboards, to allow for a damage free removal. Once the moldings are free from the wall, we remove the existing nails and clean the surface. After the baseboards are out, we undercut door trim and door jambs allowing the wood to float behind these structures. With the baseboards out of the way it is easy to float your floor ¼” from all walls.

Subfloor Repair & Replacement
The state of the subfloor is the most crucial factor when installing a new floor. Our flooring professionals are trained to identify and fix any defects including water damage, loose boards, and uneven sections. We always test the moisture level of your subfloor to ensure that it is within the desired range for the specific floor type being installed.

One of the most over looked aspects of a floor installation is the underlayment. It can provide substantial benefits, when the right one is installed correctly. We use a variety of different underlayments, depending on your home and the present needs. 3 in 1 underlayment provides insulation, sound deadening membranes and a moisture barrier to protect and insulate your floor. Silicone paper provides a great moisture barrier for installing over concrete or radiant heat floors. Wax paper is another great moisture barrier. It also helps eliminate squeaks and controls dust. Wax paper is used for most hardwood installs. Underlayment can help smooth out small imperfections in subfloors, add heat retention, act as a sound deadening barrier and create stability.

Leveling System
We are a company that takes pride in our work. We want the end product to look its best and last its full life. In order for this to happen, we must take additional steps. When we tile, we use a leveling system, which consists of wedges and clips, to ensure each tile is level and aligned to one another and all grout lines are consistent, in width and depth. Call us perfectionists, if you will!


Hardwood floors carry the most flexibility out of any flooring. This is because of the ability to refinish and stain them when you please. Add a protective layer of polyurethane and hardwoods are resistant to spills and stains. However, they are easily scratched and scraped up. Refinish and you will rarely ever have to replace them. Hardwoods tend to carry the highest resale value.

Engineered Wood/Laminate/Luxury Vinyl
These types of flooring are cost-effective solutions to hardwoods. In addition, they’re scratch-resistant, which is great if you have pets. Another benefit is that they do not hold moisture like hardwoods do, thus making them resistant to temperature changes and humidity. The drawback is that once you select the style, you are stuck with it. Whereas hardwoods, you can refinish and stain. Hardwoods also tend to hold better resale value.

Ceramic, Porcelain, & Natural Stone
These types of flooring usually come in tile form. For this reason, grout lines are necessary. This is good because it give you flexibility in how you design. However, the negative is that you have weaker points in your flooring. The actual tiles are nonporous and very durable. The grout can be susceptible to cracks, discoloration and even mold. It is very important to follow the correct steps when installing tile. A breakdown or shortcut can lead to the aforementioned pitfalls. Examples of this include sealing the grout and back-buttering the tiles. Sealing adds water resistance, strength and consistency. Yes, the type of sealer matters. Back-buttering adds strength and stability to the tiles. Without it, tiles are much more prone to cracking. On the same topic, the type of mortar matters too. They all serve different purposes. These are reasons you hire the right professionals and do not take shortcuts.

Bamboo flooring is one of the most sustainable types of flooring due to the fast growing and resilient nature of the bamboo plant. This makes it a very environmentally-friendly flooring option. It also carries many of the same benefits as hardwoods. One major drawback is that bamboo flooring is limited to a few tonal shades.


If you feel that we are the right fit for your next flooring project, contact us today for a free estimate. We can typically provide most customers with a firm estimate on work needed within 30 minutes.

Matt and his crew are absolutely fantastic. They were prompt, fairly priced, and did a great job wth our floor installation. We will be calling them whenever we need work done on our house; we couldn’t be more pleased!

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What a wonderful experience. quick, accurate and what they said they would do. I would definitely recommend them, Neat, and very pleasant workers.

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I hired the guys to install a prefinished hardwood floor. They were professional and did an excellent job with the installation and with the cleanup. They were friendly and reasonably priced. I would recommend them without reservation.
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It was great working with Matt and The Red Leaf Company. Matt was very informative and patient during the bidding phase of my project, then followed up with well-executed delivery. When we wanted to change the scope of the project, Matt was very clear with us about what the cost difference would be and why. We are extremely satisfied with the end result and our overall experience working with Matt and The Red Leaf Company.
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My floor came out great. Matt was very responsive and the work was done quickly!
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Matt was wonderful and my floors look amazing!
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I had an excellent experience with Matt who was very accommodating about when to meet, answering questions and addressing a couple small issues at the end of the job. I had new floor tile installed in the bathroom plus he put in a new toilet, vanity and medicine cabinet and dealt with any associated work. He does a walk thru at the end which is a nice touch. His price was super competitive and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.
Joanie L., Tile Flooring

I set up and appointment through home advisor on a Sunday afternoon and by Sunday night I got a call from Matt Leblanc. I told him about my dog ripping up my carpet and I was having a super bowl party and needed my floors done right away. He was there Tuesday to give me an estimate and by Thursday morning he was complete. Professional, polite, and very fair price. My old floors look awesome and we could not be happier. Thank you Matt we will be using him again for our kids room! 5 stars!

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They were great with communication. I knew when the work would be complete. They were clean and respectful.
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Very professional and accommodating, very patient and explained everything clearly. Fair price. Finished the flooring in our bedroom in one day and it looks beautiful!
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Matt was very professional, helpful and very responsive from start to finish on our Hardwood floor project. Explained the whole process with great detail and did the work as promised. I would highly recommend Matt and his team as they did a fantastic job !!
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