Your landscape enhances the curb appeal of your home but it’s incomplete without the presence of hardscapes that guide you through and allow you to enjoy your design. The Red Leaf Company gives you the peace of mind that your walkways, patios, landings, steps and/or retaining walls are built in a way, to give them the longest possible life. We will also ensure that what we are building is the best design for you and your property!

Hardscape Services

Initial Considerations

Arguably the most important part of any retaining wall, walkway, or patio is the base. The base is responsible for transferring the weight of the stone to the surrounding earth, which holds it in place. An improper base can cause the wall, walkway, or patio to deteriorate in a very short period of time. Of course this won’t matter much if you can’t control water.

Water control

Water can be destructive to any structure. This is why it is a major consideration when planning any structure touching ground. Water can create hydrostatic pressure that will eventually win the battle. When water control is unaddressed, do not think your structure will withstand, and certainly do not believe any contractor that tells you otherwise. The only way to win is to divert the water away. One way to do this is with perforated drain pipes. In order to work properly, the holes need to face the right direction, the pitch needs to be angled correctly, and the drain pipe needs to be secured and wrapped to avoid shifting and clogging, respectively. Proceed with caution as they are commonly installed incorrectly.


If you have city water and sewer, there will be water and sewer pipes running to your house from the street. Chances are, you may not know where these lie, precisely. The last thing you want is for a contractor to hit a pipe, when they are digging a base for your new hardscape. This can cause a major repair, for more than the obvious reason. We always call DigSafe, at least a week before we start. They will outline exactly where the pipes run.


Retaining Walls Retaining walls are built for the purpose of combating erosion. Erosion happens over time as weathering occurs and is often disregarded until a problem arises. Retaining walls can help you avoid these problems for many years, possibly even a lifetime if installed correctly. The main walls we build include interlocking blocks (pavers), natural stone, and cinder block. There are a variety of ways to construct the walls for different looks. Since a retaining wall is a major decision, you want to consider the many pitfalls when installing them. As a wall approaches 4 ft or higher, more components of the wall are needed. You may have to build a base that reaches the frost line at 3 ft deep. You may have to secure the wall with rebar or support the wall with geogrid. However with the right professional, you will have proper guidance and ensure the longest life out of your wall.

Walkways & Patios – Walkways and patios can be as simple or complex as you would like, from the initial layout to the entire pattern. One very important consideration is the soil. We test the soil before breaking ground as it will determine the proper depth needed. Soft soil doesn’t have the strength to hold the pressure of a walkway or patio at shallow depths. However, you can help combat this problem by digging the base deeper. Regardless, compacting and leveling during the base formation, is vital.

Steps & Landings – When building new steps and landings, it is very important to consider both pitch and step height. There are certain parameters to abide by in order for them to not only function comfortably and properly, but also to stay within code limits. We always make sure we include the proper amount of steps to abide by the code. Failure to do so can result in unwanted falls or trips. We also pitch our landings in a way that causes water to drain rather than pool, since water can be a destructive force over time.

NATURAL & MANUFACTURED STONE VENEERS – Veneers give you the option to cover a structure with a look you like, as opposed to removing and building new. Your style options are endless, but it is important to keep in mind that not all carry quality. In addition, it is important to use high quality mortar when covering a structure with Stone Veneer. Without it, the stones can become loose over time and separate from the structure.


If you feel that we are the right fit for your hardscape project, contact us today for a free estimate. We can typically provide most customers with a firm estimate on work needed within 30 minutes. And remember, all of our work comes with a 5-Year warranty so that your design will last for years to come.

Great job!! I am completely satisfied with their service – prompt, courteous and reliable. They were very responsive to my phone calls and did a great job working within my budget. I would highly recommend Jordan and team to anyone in the area for reliable, easy service you can count on.

Nancy F., Spring/Fall Cleanup

Jordan and his team understood my request and I ended up with a beautiful retaining wall. Will definitely be calling in the future with other landscaping needs.

Michael K., Retaining Wall

Jordan is a very hard working guy and so is his crew. They came up with great ideas to create a beautiful landscaping project. They did such a good job that I hired them again to put up fencing in my yard. I’m also thinking about hiring them to install windows in my three season porch. I would definitely recommend them.

Elza D., Landscaping

Very prompt, efficient, came when requested on time, followed instructions and requests to the letter and did not try to upsell.

Ian S., Landscaping
Matt Leblanc and his team did a phenomenal job installing my paver walkway. The walkway exceeded my expectations. Matt is great to work with. He has good communication skills and great workmanship. I would certainly contact him and his team for future projects.
Dom L., Paver Walkway
Jordan, Matt and the crew were fantastic! Excellent customer service and time management.You could see that they cared about the work, which was evident in the product; my retaining wall came out absolutely beautiful. I most definitely would use them again. If you are looking for a good mason I highly recommend using Jordan and his crew,you won’t be disappointed.
Deyandre W., Retaining Wall
Very easy to work with. Very professional. Tried very hard, went over and above to satisfy the requirements. We are very satisfied with the work.
Jaimal T., Hardscaping
Frazier Finish did a wonderful job on my retaining wall & walkway. Very professional and kept me involved through out the entire process.
Mark M., Retaining Wall & Walkway
I definitely recommend Frazier Finish for any landscaping needs. I hired Frazier to install a paver walkway and do some backyard landscaping. Frazier was fast, professional and on budget! Matthew was great to work with through the entire process. The walkway came out beautiful and I received several compliments from neighbors.
Diana S., Landscaping