At The Red Leaf Company, we understand that the quality of an interior painting project is often determined by the level of prep work and materials used. For this reason, we focus on making sure every stage of prep is performed with the use of high quality painting products, giving your painted surfaces more durability and a longer life. Take a look at some of the prep work we do on every project below and feel free to contact us for a FREE Estimate regarding your project today. Remember, we warranty all of our painting projects for true piece of mind.



Protection of Floors & Furniture – We do not take any chances with your valuable items. We take every precaution to ensure plaster, paint and/or even caulking ends up only where it is intended. To do this, we cover all furniture with plastic and cover all floors with drop cloths. We want you to be as comfortable, while we complete your project, as can be.

Remove Switch Plates & Fixtures – There are no reasons to take shortcuts here, or anywhere for that matter. Over time the structure of a house shifts slightly as the earth and accompanying soil settles (this happens over many years and isn’t exclusive to new properties). This causes slight movements of items on walls, over time. If you don’t remove these items prior to painting, you will shortly see the old paint that was once hidden.

Wipe Down Walls & Light Sanding – Before we cover any surface with paint, it is important that we remove all debris from the surface. Otherwise, you will cover and lock-in debris to the wall. This will result in an uneven finish as well as reduced longevity. In addition, some walls require a step further. If repairs were done in the past and the plaster and/or filler is still noticeable, it becomes necessary to knock-down the defects with high-grit sanding for a fine, smooth finish.

Wall Repair & Caulking – Proper wall repairs are crucial to the finished look of the wall. We have seen many jobs where these repairs were not done correctly, either because of wrong products used, lack of properly filling & spreading or insufficient sanding with the wrong grit sand paper. Caulking is another important piece to the finished look. It gives your joints between wall – trim, baseboard – wall, a crisp, clean finish. In addition, when caulk is applied around fenestration, windows/doors, it can aid in proper indoor air quality.

Stains/Marks – Wall marks, such as crayons/markers and sticker residue, are items we come across often. Dealing with these items correctly can be the difference of the end product flashing or not. We take pride in our finished product. For this reason, we make sure there is a uniform appearance in the end. In most cases, we will thoroughly clean these areas, wait for the dry-time period, lightly sand and then apply an oil-based primer. This will bring it back to paint-ready. Water stains can go one of two ways. If the water stain occurred very recently, we can usually get away with sealing the area and applying a primer. If the stain had been sitting for a while, it is best to remove 2x the noticeable section, as water has a way of dispersing and causing warping to surrounding areas. When we remove this section, we will always do a proper inspection to see if any framing or water vapor barriers were damaged.

Drywall – Yes, sometimes you can’t cover or conceal severely damaged areas. In these cases, we will recommend replacing the drywall for a long-term and best appearance solution. We have the proper experience to do this right.


If you feel that we are the right fit for your interior painting project, contact us today for a free estimate. We can typically provide most customers with a firm estimate on work needed within 30 minutes. And remember, all of our work comes with a 5-Year guarantee so you can rest assured that your newly painted room will last for years to come.

It is tough finding good contractors when you do not know any. I needed some flood damage repaired , looked at the reviews and chose Jordan Frazier. We are very happy with the work that was done – quickly, professionally, and for a fair price. My recommendation – if you need interior painting done in your home – hire these guys!

Kevin F., Interior Painting

Matt and his crew did an awesome job. He is very polite and professional. They painted my interior, put in a new kitchen floor, and refurbished the wood floors in the other rooms. My place looks great. I have received many compliments from friends and family.

Richard A., Interior Painting

Very careful crew, neat and thorough.

Stephen F., Interior Painting

Everyone was very professional from the owner to the crew. They gave very good advise and recommendations for some specific areas. We were very pleased with the entire project!!

Deanna M., Interior Painting